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Midas' Odyssey   
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Earth 3D screensaver
Moon 3D screen saver
Mars 3D screensaver
3D Saturn screensaver
3D Jupiter screensaver
3D Galaxy screensaver

2002 firemagic
2000th firestorm
2000th hellfire

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Midas' Odyssey (puzzle set)

Midas puzzles set game


   Logical puzzle games collection with beautiful graphics, comics and legends of ancient world. Brain workout with set of several smart and addictive mini-games. Exercise your mind with more than 1000 unique levels. Find all comics scrolls about life in the world of the legendary ancient Greece.
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iFire ++ screensaver for iphone


iFire ++

   Incredible realistic physical simulation of burning fire. Fast and smooth flame animation interactive via multitouch gestures, accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors. Variable backgrounds, adjustable settings, stylish burning clock, and more special effetcts.
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                   3D Space Tour screensavers collection

Jupiter 3D Space Tour

Jupiter 3D screensaver


   Jupiter - enormous planet. Storming gas giant surrounded by numerous moons. Really fascinating show! Careful and realistic animation of atmospheric storms and turbulence is one of main features of this screensaver. Along with beautiful auroras, remarkable ring, beautiful sunsets, and many other effects.
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3D Galaxy screensaver


Galaxy 3D Space Tour

   Fantastic 3D animated space flight around our Galaxy and it's satellites - Magellanic Clouds. We tried to imagine and simulate this fascinating space view using modern astronomical knowledges about Milky Way and high-end 3D technologies.
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Earth 3D Space Tour

Screensavers: Earth 3D animated screensaver


   This screensaver will impress you by photo- realistic 3D animated space scenes. Fly around our planet, amaze yourself by beauty of cosmic sunrise and sunsets...  It's impossible to describe - just turn off the light in your room and prepare to space flight!
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Screensavers: Moon 3D animated screensaver


Moon 3D Space Tour

This saver makes you feel like an Apollo astronaut flying around the Moon... Advanced 3D-accelerated rendering provides realistic relief with craters and mountains.
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Mars 3D Space Tour

Screensavers: Mars 3D animated screensaver


   Mars is a single planet, possible to colonize in nearest future... World of greatest hurricanes, endless red deserts, highest mountains and possible frozen water resources. Take a look to this beautiful wild planet like if you are first human who will fly around the Mars.
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Screensavers: Saturn Rings 3D


Saturn Rings 3D Space Tour

Famous Saturn's Rings is really one of most exciting space scene in our Solar System! Using hi-end 3D technologies we tried to gain maximum realism in this animation. This amazing planet will catch your eyes for a long time!
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                 Fire Screensavers collection

fire magic screen saver


FireMagic! screensaver

Put yourself to the wonderful word of Fire Magic! All fire effects in one screensaver - high-realistic fire simulation, burning your screen like a paper sheet, flaming text, amazing fireworks, rich and comprehensive settings dialog...
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2000th FireStorm screensaver

firestorm screen saver


Amaze your friends by firestorm raging on your screen with explosive fireworks and other incredible special effects. This screensaver uses an improved version of HellFire engine, and it has a tons of tunable settings enables you to create your own Fire!
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hellfire screen saver


2000th HellFire screensaver

Puts on an impressive show of smoothly animated, photo- realistic fire effects overlaid on a dimmed-out version of your desktop. It accomplishes this without the use of any 3D or 2D accelerators.
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