Astrophotography Gallery (by Igor Chekalin)
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Solar System objects
(Sun, Planets, Moon, Comets, terrestrial astronomical events)
(Full images with detailed descriptions will be added soon)

Comet explosion. Green oxygen Halo of 17P/Holmes comet

Comet outburst. Day 2.

17P/Holmes. Day 1

17P/Holmes comet outburst. Day 4. 17P/Holmes comet explosion. Day 2. 17P/Holmes comet outburst. Day 1.

Colors of the Moon

Color mosaic of the Moon. Sep 15, 2006, 6 frames (color enhanced) 4.4" Newton

Comet Lovejoy C2007 E2, May 04, 2007

Noctilucent Clouds viewed Jul 27, 2006. (Quite rare sight for me, at latitude 47o North)

to be continued...

Solar eclipse Mar 29, 2006. Viewed from Baksan (Northern Caucasus, Russia)


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